OhColourMeInspired's Shop Announcement

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Welcome to Colour Me Inspired!

I like to blend the natural with the handmade by crafting most of my pieces by hand from clay before casting them in resin, as well as using natural gems, crystals and stones. I like the organic look and many of my pieces retain some of the little imperfections that result from the handmade process.
Almost at odds with my love of natural treasures, you’ll also find in my shop a myriad of handmade buttons. I happen to adore the quirky look of giant buttons and the novelty of making my own buttons out of resin never quite wears off!

My favorite part is always popping my pieces out of their molds after waiting for them to cure. I never quite know how they will look, and it’s especially thrilling discovering how little experiments have turned out. (An added bonus: mornings are genuinely exciting when you get to sit down with a coffee or juice and pop out the pieces that cured overnight!)

This shop was originally opened several years ago to sell my handmade beaded jewellery…that is, until my fascination with resin eclipsed all other crafts. Although this little shop has been silent since, I have been busy learning, exploring and mastering the art of resin. I return to you now with a shop re-energized, re-invented and aptly re-named!

Resin has fascinated me since I saw a handmade resin bangle (filled with tiny coloured safety pins) in a boutique. My first attempts were kitchen-table-top experimentation sessions (alongside my equally adventurous aunt, Selina) that resulted in laughter and mess, hilarious errors and exciting successes.

The rare privilege of a one-on-one workshop with resin artist extraordinaire Kate Rohde was a turning point and my skills expanded along with my creativity. The road since has been filled with mistakes, successes and discoveries, and some of the best things have come about by accident. I’ve learned to experiment and explore, and to embrace the inevitable errors that come about because they eventually lead to the successes that make it all worthwhile.

I hope you find in my shop something to inspire you or something to add a ‘POP!’ of colour to your person…or, even better, a little bit of both!

Custom orders and requests are welcome; please feel free to send me a message via Etsy.