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My daytime helper! All packages are hand delivered to the Post Office via these little hands!
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I am not sure when crafting became a passion of mine...

Over the years I have collected anything and everything that "at some point" could be used for a craft project. Now that I have two little girls I find myself passing on my love of crafting to them...and they seem to be open and ready. My oldest loves to write stories, draw people and paint. My youngest loves to color and has found that glue works better if she can use an entire bottle.
My crafting has included scrap booking, making holiday gifts, favors for birthdays and so much more. Soon after having my second daughter I started playing with ribbon and flowers and discovered a new love for little girl hair accessories. With time and practice I found that I was getting better and better and people started asking me where I got my bows from and that is how Oh So Pretty By Asia was born.
Not long after I started making bows I decided to be a stay at home mom. It was a scary decision, but seemed to be the best one at that time for my family. Within the next couple of months I sold some bows here and there, but it was never too serious. Then one day I stumbled upon Etsy...and here I am today. (Well it wasn't that easy, but you get the idea.) I really did not think I would sell anything, but I did and I was hooked!
I usually make my bows during nap time and in the evening after my girls are in bed. But there are times that bow making has been a family event. During the first few months I used my youngest as a model for some of my bow pictures. This did not last long - anyone that has a 2 year old will probably understand why. She was quick to learn that sticking out her tounge or spinning in circles made taking pictures nearly impossible! She retired from being a photo model at the age of 2 1/2 years and has changed positions to "package carrier" and "mailbox flipper" at the Post Office. My oldest daugher loves to play with all the fabric flower petals and jewel embellishments. I love getting her thoughts on the bows as I make them...she usally gives me a thumbs up, thumbs down or a thumbs medium. Yes, when you're 7 years old a thumbs medium is a much needed addition to the rating system!
Oh So Pretty By Asia has become a real passion for me. Every sale is as exciting as the first one. I have met some great people! I get to help support my family! I get to be home with my girls! I am living my dream!

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Crafting has always been in my blood. For as long as I can remember I have had glitter stuck to my hands and glue stick strings all over my workspace!

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