OkieDolls' Shop Announcement


We have temporarily taken down our Etsy site while we move to Colcord, OK. While we are excited about 10 acres for the kids to explore - the whole, dreaded, tedious packing and unpacking scenario is more than we can manage while keeping a shop open. Since we have to move, the shop has to close temporarily! :-) See you in June.

Don't fret, all sold items will be shipped, and we will still be answering emails. And we will be at the Jenks Church Spring Craft Show on May 11th. 118th & Elwood in Jenks from 9am to 4 pm.


Welcome! Please come on in and stay a while.

Here at Okie Dolls, we believe dolls are an integral part of a girl's life experience, and it is important for girls to practice being mommy, being friends, being the big sister, etc.

Around here, we have girl and doll parties and craft days. Especially if we can get the guys out of the house for a while!

We are not afraid to try new techniques and learn new skills as long as we are having a LOT of fun messing up the place! We have been experimenting with refurbished, recycled, upcycled, remade... whatever you call it - it is great fun for us and great wearables for dolls!

We've added a Dollie Dollar Store to our Etsy store - because everyone loves the Dollar Store, right? Go on and check it out!

We do ship internationally! Just ask and we will add your country and the postage prices. According to the post office, shipping to Canada and other countries can take several weeks, so keep that in mind.