OldeHansa's Shop Announcement

Olde Hansa handmade glassware, based on medieval examples,
is not only meant for everyday use, but for living and learning about history
and how things used to be. In the Middle Ages, middle and upper class people drank from glasses adorned with knobs and ribs.
This beautiful green that is often used in our glasses was known as waldglass – forest glass, because the color of the glass resembled the green of the forest. In the 14th century glassware from the Bohemian glass works became fashionable. These came in a variety of colours and shades,
dark and light and even multicoloured.
Additional information can be found in the products description. Everything in our shop is handmade and modeled after actual medieval artifacts, yet designed to be durable and practical for your beautiful home.

We have more glasses available then it is said in listings, so if you would like to purchase set of glasses please let us know.