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1 month

Goddess, antique French buttons.

3 months

Cherubim blowing bubbles. Antique button with cut steel "bubbles."

4 months

French Art Nouveau buttons.

4 months

French Victorian buttons, unused.

6 months

Victorian brass & tinted cut steel buttons.

8 months

Vintage sterling silver UK themed charms bracelet. Includes Queen Elizabeth, Big Ben, St Paul's Cathedral, Shakespeare & more.

10 months

1930s tin book bank with Dignity & Impudence dog art by Landseer.

1 year

Zombie sisters. 1920s antique French boudoir dolls.

1 year

Antique French buttons c early 1900s.

1 year

The "eyes" have it. Antique glass & metal doll eyes.

2 years

More vintage tin toy tea sets coming to OldeTymeNotions.