OliviasForest's Shop Announcement

Olivia's Forest creations are inspired by nature. The earth is amazing! I respect and celebrate our natural environment. The forest regenerates itself. No one waters it or plants it, it just is. It was here long before our generation came and will be here when we move on.

My family spent a lot of time in the woods picnicking and hiking when I was young. It had a major impact on my outlook and attitude about being 'out there'. We had grand adventures in the woods in every season. I remember the realization that we were walking on the river one frozen white day.

Like many of you, I had a rock collection back then. Today my rocks are a little more colorful and I use them in my creations. It still amazes me that the gemstones I use today came from the earth itself. It's a beautiful thing!

One of my favorite things to do is still hiking, be it on our own land, the local parks or in the Appalachian mountains. I see bits of things that are absolutely beautiful. It may be a color, shape, texture or the way something looks as it is growing.

I celebrate nature by representing it's beauty in pieces that can be worn every day. I call them mini sculptures. I hope you enjoy them - Thanks for looking.