Omnimonger's Shop Announcement

››› Welcome to Omnimonger ‹‹‹

The wares on display for your consideration have all been carefully selected for their intrinsic value and appeal. The process used for curating potential merchandise is esoteric, yet there are observable trends that might arouse casual interest.

››› Trending merchandise ‹‹‹

• Neckties
• Leather goods
• Patches and salvaged graphics
• Vintage pins
• Tarot decks
• Unusual decor

The available wares have been professionally scavenged from throughout the Santa Cruz county with impeccable expertise. Each and every curio here is riddled with character.

Please accept our thanks for taking interest in our business.
You can ♥ this shop for predictable strangeness and possible amusement.

This shop accepts Etsy Gift Cards.