OnSetWardrobe's Shop Announcement

One of the objectives in coming up with the wardrobe of a character in film or television is that it must be unique, unrecognizable, one of a kind. Well, here ya go! You too can be outfitted by your very own wardrobe stylist...because we're all "one of a kind" and we're all "characters."

Reuse, Recycle, Be Groovy!

Also available are some recovery items for those folks in 12-Step programs and the like, for all those brave warriors out there, fresh from the movie (and rehab) capital of the world!

The studio of On Set Wardrobe is smoke free. Happy sporting of our groovy stuff. You Rock!!!

Oh, and I dearly love my fellow etsians. What lovely spirits you all have. Smooches!

On Set Wardrobe, for the movie of your life, brought to you by LA's best Rock.