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Hi from the high plains of Colorado!

I believe as one human race, we share the same destiny of living in harmony and peace. This motivates me to create and offer a diversity of religious and spiritual jewelry. My belief and inspiration come from the Writings of the Baha'i Faith, and the teachings and writings of many of the Worlds Religions and spiritual teachers.

After serving at the Baha'i World Centre, in Haifa, for almost three years, where every nationality and race worked together in harmony, I have a renewed appreciation and conviction that someday mankind will be unified as well. In the next year I plan to expand my collection of statement and interfaith jewelry expressing the oneness of mankind and many other spiritual aspects of our lives through original stamped metalwork.

One of the most exciting benefits about being an Etsy shop owner has been connecting to people around the world and learning how much we have in common! I love it! My goal is to provide you with a great shopping experience. You can expect prompt message replies, fast shipping and a beautiful product at a reasonable price.


UPDATE: I've recently been selected to be an artist-in-residence at an ArtSpace community! I'll be able to fully set up my studio for the first time since moving back from Israel last year. Move-in is expected to be mid-May. I'm very excited.

You can learn more about Artspace at Maybe your community could benefit by this wonderful non-profit organization aimed at supporting artists and art in communities around the USA.
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Greetings and Peace to you!

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