OneUniqueGuitar's Shop Announcement

Hello folks! Thanks for stopping by my shop. I hope you enjoy my selection of customized guitars. They make a great one of a kind gift for any musician or guitarist in your life that seems to already have everything else.


Right now I am focusing on adding style to standard Dreadnought acoustics and Vintage Arch-top guitars. I'm going with designs that are a little less than conventional and really just making guitars that I personally would be stoked to own. It would be easy and a bit obvious to go and slap on a picture of Jimi Hendrix, AC/DC, or a football team logo or something, but I'm trying to make something with a little more depth and something a true guitar and art lover would appreciate.


All guitars are shipped in a legitimate guitar shipping box and loads and loads of packing bubbles and wrap. All will be shipped via UPS unless otherwise requested.


All guitars are available to be purchased with optional hardshell cases and/or guitar wall hangers. Just ask me for more details.

Your own Custom

I would be happy to make a custom guitar for whatever you like. I recently did a custom guitar for someone as a tribute to their grandfather and it turned out awesome and inspiring.

Thanks again for stopping by!!