OniYon's Shop Announcement

Just a little update regarding delivery of prints, specifically regarding A4 size prints (8x11 ones). For a few years now, I've been going to the mini post office near my home for all my print-mailing needs. The service was excellent as the guy who was handling the office-front was very mindful of my print-bearing packages, and treated them accordingly.

However all good things must come to an end - the little post office shut down its services at the end of January. I only found out when I got a note and a package from post office dude, the former informing me of the inevitable shutdown, the latter filled with mailing paraphernalia and tips on sending out parcels. Awesome post office dude, you are forever awesome.

So I've been going to a different mini post office since to send my stuff - and it would've been great except that the feedbacks for a couple of batches I sent out from this location had been less than stellar. A couple has had their A4 prints slightly bent upon arrival, and they took longer than usual to arrive. I'm not sure if the problem is entirely on this end, or it's something that happened while the prints made their way halfway across the world. I'll know more when I get more feedback once more batches make their way to their respective destinations.

But whatever it is, I'll be using the feedback I get to continuously work out ways to improve shipping/handling. For years now I've been packing up my A4 prints with sturdy backing boards to prevent folding, and cover them up with bubblewrap to protect the sides from creases. And it has worked well. But if someone kept playing rough house with prints along the way, I'm going to sandwich them between two backing boards, extra weight be damned. We'll see how it goes. Keep watching this space for updates!