Oobject's Shop Announcement

♥ My biggest influences as an artist are the objects & imagery I live with. They educate me as they me tell their tales. Whether it is through a wounded surface, or by the way a shape is specific to the object's purpose, there is presence & history behind all of it, with me sitting in right up front, observing.♥

Please visit me in my other shops for the full experience, if you are up for it!

♥ Etsy Shop, Munafo, (my last name), is my newest shop and it is in the works. This is my handmade shop, where I will be putting my newest artwork. While Oobjects will also be carrying some of my artwork, it will either be vintage (yikes! I have been doing this a very long time!), or art studies which I use a s learning tools.

♥ Etsy Shop, Squirrelnuts is my supply shop where I sell art metal stampings and metal art supplies. It is such a fun shop to visit! I love photography and taking product photos of these kookie little charms has surprised me by becoming yet another creative outlet.

This shop accepts Etsy Gift Cards.