OodlesandWoodles' Shop Announcement

As of Jan.27, 2016 all orders will be on a 7 to 10 business day turn around. I am having machine problems, hopefully I can resolve them quickly. Custom orders and large orders will take longer, so please be aware of this before ordering.***********Important message************Sometimes there will be a color variation with the felt, some may be lighter, some may be darker. Also bows may change in color and shape. I am not always able to get the same style of bow as pictured. But I do try to match with the same color. If there is a big difference I will contact you before attaching them. . I THRIVE TO DO THE BEST POSSIBLE WORK I CAN GIVE. IT'S IMPORTANT TO ME TO GIVE GOOD QUALITY PRODUCTS TO MY CUSTOMERS. I'M SORRY IF MY TURN AROUND TIME SEEMS LONG TO SOME OF YOU BUT IT'S JUST ME AND MY MACHINE. AND ALL MY FELTIES COME CUT. YES, THINGS ARE GONNA HAPPEN, MY MACHINE COULD BREAK DOWN, I MAY NOT GET MY SUPPLIES ON TIME AND I CAN NEVER EVER KNOW WHAT CAN HAPPEN IN A DAY THAT MAY CAUSE A LITTLE DELAY. WITH ALL THIS BEING SAID IF YOU FEEL LIKE ORDERING FROM ME TAKES TOO LONG, I'M SORRY, PLEASE READ BEFORE ORDERING***** THERE ARE NO REFUNDS ON ANY ORDERS. YOU WILL EITHER RECEIVE A STORE CREDIT OR EXCHANGE IN MERCHANDISE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ALL MY CUSTOMERS ARE SPECIAL TO ME. I DO MY BEST TO GET THE BEST QUALITY FELTIE THAT I CAN DO. NOTE: SOMETIMES FELT HAS A FUNNY SMELL, DO NOT CONFUSE IT WITH CIGARETTE SMELL BECAUSE I DO NOT SMOKE, HAVE NOT SMOKED IN almost 4 YEARS. IF YOU HAVE A PROBLEM WITH YOUR ORDER PLEASE CONTACT ME FIRST SO I CAN TRY TO SOLVE THE ISSUE.*********** If you have a custom listing and you add to it out the shop it doesn't make it ship any quicker! please make sure you understand the turn around time beore ordering. IF YOU ARE REQUIRING A CERTAIN DATE FOR YOUR ORDER PLEASE LET ME KNOW FIRST AND I WILL SEE WHAT I CAN WORK OUT. I try really hard to get my orders out in this time limit. Things do happen, my machine could break, I could get sick or my family might need me. I am a human being and things are going to happen. I love doing the felties, some of them are time consuming but I take pride in my work. I guess that's why I might not be as fast as other shops. Thank all of you for your time and patience, even though there are a few who are not as patient, lol! Have a wonderful day!!!

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