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Here I strive to beautify the relationship between words and caffeine by providing coffee and tea drinkers with literary and geeky inspiration. Each quote mug is designed to enhance the aesthetic experience of hot beverage drinking--whether first thing in the morning, on your desk at work, during a lazy afternoon, or just before bed--by reminding you of a story you love.

Because, as we all know, "words are our most inexhaustible source of magic," and we dearly love finding good words to inspire our lives.

Everything I paint is entirely unique, as I do all the work by hand, and paint on pieces that come from varying sources--many of them vintage and antique. This means, of course, that the mugs occasionally have slight flaws and blemishes, but also that I cannot replicate any mug exactly. I am happy to do my best to re-create a quote or design, but each piece that passes through my shop is really and truly the first and last of its kind. Thank you for understanding!

*A note on mug volume: I don't usually measure out the ounce volume of each mug, since I have such a wide range of cups passing through all the time, but if you'd like specific measurements just message me and I will check for you! (Generally I estimate based on the small, medium, large scale-- small mugs ranging around 8 oz or less, medium 10-12 oz, and large 14-16. Anything larger than that is "extra large," and if it's genuinely remarkable in size, I'll call it "huge" or "enormous" or something similar.)*

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