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Please convo me with a list of the fragrances you would like..... then I will let you know how much I have available (could be 1/2 oz - 16 oz!) ... & let you know price, quantity, & the shipping cost. (I guarantee prices will be AWESOME!!)

Then... you let me know if you would like me to make you a reserved listing for you & ship your order!

VIEW FRAGRANCES available here (please copy & paste) ...

Sorry, only shipping orders within the USA

. ************** YouTube Perfume REVIEWS****************************** .... Curious to hear a little more about my perfumes & see wht they look like? Check out my latest review from a dear customer.

**** Looking for my ULTIMATE PERFUME DESCRIPTION LIST... here it is ...
... These descriptions will have you lusting for new & vintage perfume replicas that you will find smell even better than the originals at way better prices! Take some time to browse through the list, I guarantee you will fall in love with some new fragrances you wouldn't of even thought of trying!

****************** You Tube Review **************************
Check out a lovely You Tube Review (by a dear customer!) ...

****** Review from the 24/7 MOM! ***********
A wonderful (:-) review of some of my most popular & some new 1/3 oz roll on fragrances. Check out her blog...

********** Blog Feature... I Fell For Your Smell **********
Featured in a new blog by a fellow Etsy-ian ... Please check it out!( & check out her cool vintage goods at Etsy shop!

*************** YouTube ... Product Review *********************
Check out a new product review by a loyal Opulent Alchemy customer ... reviewing our set of Lush (type) Perfume Sample Vials. Check out the following link: