Sweet Creations for the Everyday Princess

The Journey That Brought Me to Etsy!

Not long ago, I was a young single mother to two little kiddos. Being a single mom, it was always tough to get my daughter those 'boutique' quality headbands and dress up gear. I figured I could just make them for her!

And so I did. My daughter has been the inspiration for Our Sweet Somethings and as of today is my right hand gal. She helps me create new designs and has quite the eye of craft making as I do, together we come to visions of 'sweet' little 'somethings' that we create for all of YOU (hence, our shop name!).

The goal for Our Sweet Somethings is to be able to create adorable dress-up gear which are boutique quality...but not at boutique price.
Mayra Bojorquez
My life is based around my family by trying to be the best mother to my two children and best wife to my husband. Crafting started out as a simple hobby for me and without seeing it coming, became a full time job!

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