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1 month

Wonderful historical glass cabochons commemorating the 1939-40 World’s Fair in Queens, NY. I had to make cuff links with them for a City history buff. Fun novelty cuff links, definitely one-off a kind!

2 months

Custom order for a new cross agate ring based on this design. I sent photos of the gems I have in stock for K to choose from and she picked this deep carnelian colored stone. Sent it to her last week and she’s very happy with it!

1 year

This is how I built the spiderweb using wire and sheet.

1 year

Sterling Greek key motif bezels about to be soldered to their bases.

1 year

Laying out stones for projects ahead; you can see the landscape jasper and moonstone on their base at the beginning of the project.

1 year

Out of the pickle after soldering tags to ring bands. Next step, soldering bands closed and sizing, then polishing and tumbling. Many steps to finishing!

2 years

Rings just after coming out of the pickle, mostly all finished except for a prong cut-down, about to be polished and cleaned up before setting stones.