Handmade Crochet Hats, Cowls, Scarves, Boot Cuffs

The slouchy newsboy hat.
Bonnets, the latest with more variations to come.
The earflap hat.
Original and top seller, the newsboy hat.
A variation of the newsboy without the visor.

Creating, an Opportunity

My sister, amazingly talented photographer, was looking for accessories she could style her clients with and hinted that I should learn crochet. I took her hint to heart and invested in a set of hooks, some yarn, and a book! The timing was amazing as I was expecting my 4th child and was feeling miserable most of the time. Crocheting was a distraction and helped me pass the time. My three older children helped in that department too.

I learned quickly and fell in love with the art of crochet instantly! I found out about Etsy through my sister also and decided to list a few of my hats. I still remember my first sale like it happened yesterday! My husband wasn’t impressed at the time because I woke him up to share my excitement. He is my support and I could not do this without him.

That’s where it all began and I am so grateful that my handmade business has opened the way for me to do what I always dreamed, to stay home with our children when they’re small. Their childhood comes and goes so quickly and to have those few years with them is an incredible gift for me.

I decided on Prairie Blossom Boutique for my business name as I live on the prairies and absolutely adore blossoms! I take a walk through my flower garden every day and my little man (almost 2) follows right behind, points at every flower and says “wow”. And I add, “wow, pretty”. It's those little moments that put a smile on my face and remind me to be thankful.

Prairie Blossom is located on a small farm, a perfect place for our children to explore, for me to enjoy gardening, and for my husband to keep his dream of farming alive. Peace describes the country life perfectly.

A few things that are crucial to my creating are quality and communication. I believe that my customers (whom I am so grateful for) deserve to be kept up-to-date on their orders and that when they receive their hats, the quality will surpass their expectations.

owner, designer, maker, curator
Flowers, country air, the smell of rain, and coffee are a few of my favourite things. Prairie Blossom is the reason I can stay at home with our children and I am so grateful for that!

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