PSJBoutiquebyDebra's Shop Announcement

Welcome to Vachcouture! These exquisitely designed pieces are made with the finest quality materials.

By opening & closing each ring I create a variety of chainmaille patterns/weaves formed into a bracelet,necklace,anklets,earrings....

Chainmaille or mail is a material which was used historically to create protective garments for soldiers. It consists of small metal rings linked together to create a sturdy, but flexible mesh.
In jewelry it creates a very sturdy piece that will last a lifetime.

I also have Pandora Style Bracelets.

Shipping includes "Delivery Confirmation" For US only as per USPS.

I ship to: USA, Canada, Puerto Rico,Mexico, other International locations.

If you have any questions, comments, concerns, looking for a design, color, or suggestions. Please contact us – we are convo friendly.