PacificPerfumes' Shop Announcement

We offer you a Collection of handcrafted Solid Perfumes in sustainable wooden pots, small kooky tins & luxurious Soaps, Body Lotion and Body & Hair Oil handmade and created in Aotearoa, New Zealand. Our work reflects the many faces of nature in the Pacific. Long after the perfume is gone, the wooden pot holds the fragrance, becoming a keepsake to treasure and your piece of our paradise.

The ORIGINAL RANGE of solid perfume comes in our signature wooden Beech pots. Essential oils and Fragrance oils (man made) are used with jojoba oil and beeswax to create beautiful unique perfumes.

Our LIMITED EDITION range in slider tins is 100% pure botanical including Floral waxes. Our inspiration here comes from the emergence of those post Victorian strong women, Dancers, Circus Artists, Actors and performers. Eccentric, kooky and FUN!

Our Soaps are made with cocoa butter, sustainable Palm oil and Tamanu oil which is a regenerating oil from Tahiti, wonderful for dry skin. The packaging is all from recycled card, printed with vegetable ink, and the soaps contain pure essential oils (IslandPassion, Maui and Frangipani) and fragrance oils (Pacific Goddess).

The Artisan Botanical Range are 100% Natural and have won 2 Green & Sustainable Packaging Awards. The Beech wood containers hold 10 grams/0.35 oz of solid perfume made only with 100% botanical extracts in a base of Organic Jojoba oil and Organic Beeswax. They come in a box that is totally biodegradable and uses recycled card. Inside the box there's a push out veneer tree with the perfume, an extra gift! (see photos)

The Body Range - All perfectly natural - A lightly perfumed Body Lotion and a sumptuous Body & Hair Oil. The theme of feasting kept playing on our minds, a ritual dedicated to the body, one where the world stops, there’s no pressure and your natural world slips back into balance. Lush, hydrating, rejuvenating, replenishing – all the words you want to hear!

Botanical Perfume Oils from exotic oils from all over the world, handcrafted in our Studio in small batches. Love Asteroid perfume Oil spray, a tribute to white Florals with a hint of Spice and The Buccaneer Perfume Oil just a perfect creation for men! Check out the listings.

Proudly Certified Cruelty Free