Pailanita's Shop Announcement

thank you for visiting our shop, pls, read our policy before make an order :)

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**** Please be aware of your countries Customs and Agricultural regulations regarding seeds being received from Thailand. Pls, check it out before purchasing our seed :)

if you are worrying that our seeds are from Asian and couldn't grow in your country...? don't worry we sale only seeds that can grow in any place :)
what they need is sunshine , water and no snow on the top!!
happy gardening season :)

Country living has always provided for the necessity, if not the opportunity, of using the natural materials found around ones home for everyday necessities and for providing ones home with beauty and warmth. We live in the mountains of northern Thailand and have always enjoyed finding small natural treasures around us to use in place of more standard mass produced accoutrements of plastic etc. And would like to share………….


*****Pls, read our shop policy before order our seeds :) thank you.