Pakbrat's Shop Announcement

Welcome to my shop! In my collage, decoupage and mixed media pieces I enjoy a combination of vintage, antique and altered items. Though these days I find I am focusing more on mannequins, dress forms and mannequin parts.
Paper collage art is done the old fashioned way with paper and scissors.
In my decoupage and art projects I prefer to use what I have on hand, cutting and clipping from vintage books (that are already damaged or only partially there) and greeting cards. Salvage items from clocks and phones.
I see a rusty typewriter or dials off of an old stove and I think "I could do something with that!"
I love the idea of reinventing objects with existing items. Items that were made by the generations that lived here before me, remnants of the distant and not too distant past.
The different papers and metals when blended together create a visual and tactile experience.
I am constantly rearranging my office trying to find the best way to display al of my bits and pieces of this and that for inspiration. Primitive one day, retro the next, depending on my mood.
Reusing is also part of my effort to keep items out of the land fills and not create any more than necessary.
The same goes for my mailing options, I try to reuse boxes and envelopes whenever possible.


This shop accepts Etsy Gift Cards.