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A set of Romeo and Juliet bookmarks dries between layers.
Where I work.
These paper scraps are waiting to be upcycled into cores for ball garland.
Vintage books, collected from library sales, thrift stores, and garage sales.
Palimpsestic at a summer market in Fort Collins, Colorado.

Peel back the layers.

Around the time the new millennium began, I started buying old things. Mostly, I got bits of paper—matchbox labels, old tickets, blank telegrams, pulp novels. I liked holding pieces of the past and, for some reason, museums never let me reach over the red rope.

Here's a secret. Sometimes, when I have an old piece of paper in my hand, I almost feel like I know the person who once owned it. I swear there's magic in the detritus of history.

That magic carries into the art I make. My pieces ask to be touched. They beg for connection, for their stories to be imagined, invented, and then told. The goal of every item I make is to create a context for historical ephemera that brings out both its inherent beauty and its potential narrative.

I'm especially proud of my paper ball garlands--I call them "Explorer" and "Bibliophile" garlands, based on the book- and map-paper covering them. I make each ball by hand, starting with paper scraps from my studio and the biweekly newspapers delivered to my driveway. I pulp the papers with a stick blender, form them into spheres by hand, let them dry for a week, and then coat each ball with a smooth layer of paper clay before decoupaging with vintage paper. These garlands are truly eco-friendly home decor with a story behind them!

Oh, you probably want to know why I called my shop, "Palimpsestic." A palimpsest is a manuscript that's been erased or covered over in order to be written on a second (or third or fourth) time. Traces of the original always remain, though. You never know what you'll find when you look beneath the layers.
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I was the kid who begged the babysitter to please, please just let me sit inside with my book. Now, I'm a little more balanced. I hike and dance and play games and make art... but the books still go all those places with me.

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