PanGaiaCreations' Shop Announcement

Hello Lovely Ladies & Generous Gentlemen... Please check my facebook page for current collections & Ill make a special listing for you :) I have hand-dyed lace creations, Hemp/organic Cotton, velvet & my stretchy hand-dyed knit.

Pangaia seeks to bring the mystery and elegance of the past, the modern machine and the dream of a more fantastic world into a tempestuous textile romance...

Pangaia creations are lovingly hand-made and individually hand-dyed in Australia. I only use high-quality Aussie fabrics including a unique nylon knit(soon to be recycled nylon), cotton/nylon blend, organic cotton lycra, hemp/cotton blend and a wool/nylon blend. In buying & manufacturing locally, I can reduce my carbon footprint, be sure of quality and know the fabric is dyed and processed to Australian environmental standards. Although I am far from perfect, Im trying really hard to be the change I want to see in the world.

Im a hard working Capricorn lady with a theatrical Leo moon, and my favourite thing has always been dress-ups! I live on a hill nestled in a gum tree forest in beautiful Northern NSW Australia, with my ever supportive partner, Quentin, my fun-loving 6 year old girl, Nevaeh and my 2 year old bubs, Zeki-boy...

I usually make my designs in batches of 20 once or twice a year...all the cutting is done, then sewing is done, of all designs, then I dye them in batches of about 15-20 different garments in one colour combo. The colours coming out different every time...inspired by the amazing Northern Rivers landscape. Each colour batch is dyed 5 to 9 times. Every garment is one-of-a-kind as I also usually dont have 2 of the same design in any colour batch.

I use a low-toxicity wool dye, to dye the nylon, silk and wool blends, which is heat set so it wont fade or run and I always dispose of the water thoughtfully. The salt in the water is the main concern and I mostly store it under the house for the next batch. The organic cotton and hemp/cotton are dyed commercially in Melbourne as they can get a good strong solid colour and have the facillities to filter the used water. The dye used for cotton is different to the wool,silk and nylon dye.

The Channon Market & Uki
St Andrews (when Im down south)

Next festival....
May...Nimbin MardiGrass
June... WAMED festival Perth
Oct... TribalandTrance Festival Sydney
Feb... EarthFreq,
Feb... Newcastle Bellydance

Just a little note about postage... I only charge for actual post and envelope and if I over charge Ill refund through paypal...