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Paper model kits and assembled models of world famous architectural landmarks - from temples to skyscrapers to bridges to monuments.

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Recently we have started FOXETROO series - a new line of paper model kits for kids aged 6 (and anyone up to 99). Foxe & Troo, adventurous twins, can't stop talking about the places they visit and helping kids with paper model making and other creative activities.

Paper models have been around for a few hundred years. They are usually designed either in a very complex way, which requires hours or days of assembling, or in an oversimplified way, involving just a few details therefore only making it exciting for a few moments. Also, after construction many paper models are placed on a shelf and forgotten about with their only purpose being to gather dust.

Foxe and Troo, the two porcupines that can't wait to meet you, decided they needed to do something to change that. They broke their piggy bank, travelled around, sketched, measured, drew, coloured and finally created the design they want to share with you.

Foxetroo models are designed so that kids need to make simple three-dimensional solids (such as cubes or cylinders) first and then connect them into a final model. Together with the graphics this will then resemble a recognizable architectural building. It's made easy for kids to assemble while developing their cognitive and motoric skills.

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