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Paradise Found

It all fell into place in autumn 2010 after my third child was born. I had gone back to my corporate office job too soon after the baby was born. I was anxious to get back to my job but I felt as if my creativity was being sucked out of me. I was unfulfilled and did not feel any satisfaction from my job.

And then Paradise Bath Boutique was formed. It had been a long forgotten dream. But it became my reality. Paradise Bath Boutique was built between the busy days in the office and the sleepless nights of my newborn and after the responsibilities of my family. Paradise Bath Boutique gave me a purpose and a new direction in life.

My resolution is to not only share my wonderful products but to help those to find their inner peace and sense of purpose.

Giving Back:
Paradise Bath Boutique believes in giving back. We promise to donate 10% of all profit to charitable organizations who help struggling families through these rough economic times.
owner, maker, designer
Paradise Bath Boutique is my passion...and my paradise. I'm a mom, a hobbyist, a business woman and a dreamer.