Beautiful design and illustration created by hand.

My iconic pink cupcake in progress on the 'drawing board' - literally!!
My Country Days design in progress - I have now used the motifs from this design for a number of different layouts
My beloved Winsor and Newton art materials
A view from the blueberry barren next to my house - ah what a delight to walk up there most days of the week
Ye old wood stove - she keeps me warm in the winter while I work and steams one of my British puddings at the same time.

I love illustration, surface design, British puddings and pink.

I have been a professional illustrator and designer for too many years than I care to mention working for companies large and small all across the US. I started my Etsy shop because I wanted to sell my art directly to an appreciative buying public. I availed myself of an Epson large scale archival printer and the rest is history. Connecting directly to the public is an important part of how I like to work and who I am and I believe it is the way of the future.

I hope you enjoy looking at my work as much as I enjoy creating it - all my illustrations and designs are originally created by hand in watercolour on paper or acrylic on panel, then scanned and manipulated as necessary ready to be printed on demand. I always use Winsor and Newton watercolours and series 7 brushes on Arches hot press paper pads to create my watercolour work - they are all superb materials and the best I have found thusfar.

I enjoy many aspects of design - I love detailed illustration in both pencil and watercolour, I love the calmness of creating repeating patterns as both allover textile designs and circular mandalas. There is not enough time in each day for me to bring to fruition all the designs I have as sketches - but each day I create more and enjoy the process from initial sketch to finished art ready to be configured into all manner of designs and layouts. I just love bright colours, repeating patterns and detailed illustration and I am so lucky that I can spend my days being creative. As you'll see when you peruse my portfolio of designs pink is my favourite colour - I do feature it quite a bit in my designs.

I am lucky enough to live in old farmhouse in Maine near to a beautiful blueberry barren where I go many days of the week for a good energizing walk, to behold the beauty at all times of the year and gaze upon the top of Penobscot Bay, I find that walk can be my muse as I come up with many ideas and solve many problems when I free my mind of the cobwebs of daily life.

My farmhouse comes equipped with a big old wood burning stove which we use not only to heat the house but also to steam many a traditional British Pudding which in turn led me to start a blog about traditional British puddings - in Blighty a pudding is any dessert, not just steamed puddings, so I have great fun and consider it my hobby to bake and steam many desserts from my childhood as well as the occasional forgotten dessert in hopes of others following suit. You can find the recipes as well as posts about my artwork on my Pattern Patisserie blog.

In conclusion I would like to thank Etsy for affording me the venue and opportunity to do what I love and find the people who love what I do!!

Cheers, Patricia :)
Patricia Shea
owner, designer, Artist
PatriciaSheaDesigns uses 2 manufacturers.


  • Art of Where Montreal, QC, Canada ArtofWhere fits the term Handmade Manufacturer perfectly. We control all steps in the creation of our products - printing, cutting, sewing and packaging. We take great pride that all of our products are hand made and our spandex is made in Canada.
  • Society6 Santa Monica, CA, United States Society6 produce their high quality items from only the best materials, and ship it to you on behalf of the artist. They take great pride in supporting the work of individual artists.

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