PaulaArt's Shop Announcement

I am the sole creator of everything in my shop. I use salvaged scrap metal to make everything from shelves, tables, lamps, mirrors, jewelry displays, candle holders, office accessories and more! Unique, one of a kind industrial decor for your home or office!

Please visit my other 2 etsy shops: Industrial Bloom where I sell my found object flowers:
And Industrial Habitat where I offer up industrial salvaged finds for your DIY projects be it unique materials for clock, mirror or lamp making, rustic wedding decor, as well as other arts & craft supplies:
*I can combine shipping for all 3 shops and refund shipping overcharges.

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ABOUT SHIPPING PRICES: Calculated shipping reflects USPS prices. In many cases you will save money on large and/or heavy items if I ship via fedex (and you save even more if it is shipped to a business address). I combine shipping and refund overcharges of $1 or more. Please do not hesitate to convo me if you have any questions or concerns.

PaulaArt's Shop Policies


I want you to love what you buy from me and to have it for years to come. Make sure when you get art that you take care of it! Don't put photography or painted works in direct sunlight as it will fade over time. I usually work with old, scrappy objects and for me part of the allure is that they are 'alive' and could still change subtly over time. Enjoy your art, enjoy the nuances and colors but treat it well and you will have it forever!

Information Regarding the Objects That I Work With:

Please note, I work with found objects, many of which are old and rusty. I take care in using sturdy objects that aren't going to disintegrate or fall apart. However, some things may rust if exposed to the elements (left outdoors). If over time you notice rust coming back you can always lightly sand the piece and reapply an oil based varnish.

All of my other artwork that uses found objects are tested (ie: clocks working properly) and as 'archival' as possible.


First time buyer? Here is an easy to follow guide:

Please complete the payment portion within 24 hours. Any items not paid for in 24 hours will be put back into the store. After I have shipped your purchase you will receive tracking info. as well as any shipping overcharge refunds.


I use UPS , FED-EX or USPS, depending on the size and weight of the artwork. I prefer to use priority flat rate boxes in most cases. If you have special needs in regards to sending/address etc. please let me know.

Shipping prices seem to always go up! My metal work can be heavy so this means it is usually cheaper to send what seems like a very small thing, priority mail (flat rate boxes). Fedex business rates are the best for large/heavy items. Calculated shipping on etsy reflects USPS rates only. Rest assured I try to combine shipping and use whatever method is best and refund overcharges. Hawaii, northern California and Washington are the most expensive zip codes, oftentimes it is much cheaper to ship everywhere else, hence the refunds on overcharges.

Barring anything unusual, your item will be shipped within 1-3 business days of receiving your payment and you will be notified as soon as I have shipped your purchase. (oftentimes I actually ship within HOURS of your order)

I am happy to tally up your order before you pay for it and give you a shipping quote based on your zip or postal code.

***I will ship out of the USA, please convo your postal code and the piece you are interested in so I can get back to you regarding shipping cost. Duty or other costs are your responsibility. Most of my art is on the heavy side which is why I have not enabled international shipping on most items. Just ask though, I am happy to work with you!

I know many people are aghast at the use of packing peanuts, sometimes I do use them as I find my boxes/peanuts and most wrapping paper outside of gift shops before they get picked up by the garbage man. I only select clean/fresh boxes/wrapping paper/ peanuts. Just trying to re-use, recycle and not let stuff go to waste that is perfectly useful. Hope you re-use them too!

Refunds and Exchanges

All sales are final. In some cases I will exchange pieces but you will be responsible for return shipping/insurance. You must contact me immediately if there is a problem and you want to return/exchange an item.

Additional Policies and FAQs

CONSIGNMENT: Convo me if you have any further questions. I usually have limited quantities of a certain material available, I have been known to hold things awhile and see if anyone wants more of something cut a certain size. I am happy to work with you on custom orders as well. I do sell to retail and galleries.

WHOLESALE INFO: Often I am asked what my wholesale prices would be and my answer is, basically on etsy my prices ARE wholesale. Etsy and Paypal/credit card co. take over 6% total. Keep in mind that this is how I make my living and I usually work all day every day. I have to search for cool objects on the streets or in dumpsters and often buy them at the scrap yard. There are always tools and tool parts that need buying as well as other materials that I use to clean/finish each object. The time it takes to create something, photograph it, edit photos, upload it and market myself online is like having two full time jobs! There are times I will offer a discount if you purchase a certain amount at a time. I am eager to work with people and want us both to profit. Please ask if you have further questions.

MISC: Keep in mind that just because many of my pieces are heavy metal, things can still break if dropped on the floor. I nut and bolt objects, epoxy them and weld. (even heat welded objects can break if hit just right) I take great care when shipping to protect your art through transit. I am not responsible for what happens to it after you get it! If a pet or child knocks something over and it crashes to the ground and breaks it does not reflect poor craftmanship on my end! Also, keep in mind that I am working with found materials that are aged and in many cases well rusted ~ if you leave them outside you can expect more rust over time due to humidity/wetness. Treat them well and your art should last a good long time!

Last Updated October 27, 2015