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Announcement   Deeply satisfying, aroma and physical therapy putty. Handcrafted in small batches with botanicals, butters, essential oils and herbs, for strong happy hands and a peaceful mind.


Last updated on Jul 6, 2018

Deeply satisfying, aroma and physical therapy putty. Handcrafted in small batches with botanicals, butters, essential oils and herbs, for strong happy hands and a peaceful mind.


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Peace Putty: Slime - Grown Up!

So, I have a 12 year old daughter, and, of course, she is obsessed with slime. So obsessed that she started making it everywhere, all the time, all over my house -- ALLL over my house. So I helped her channel her addiction into a slime business, It is insane how crazy kids are for this stuff. In just 5 months she’s made nearly 2000 sales and almost $17,000 -- She. Is. 12!
About a month into it, she was overwhelmed with orders. We’d get 20-30 a day. Near Christmas, it was close to 50! So she hired me. You should know, that I have owned and run my own political advertising agency for nearly 30 years. It is very much a full time job, but she needed help so I quickly became her lackey. I organized the “slime shop” became the main supply purchaser (and financier), order filler, janitor and every other NOT fun part of the business. But I also became a deep lover and admirer of the stuff. It is truly beautiful (especially the way Ella makes it with all the glitter and mica and the amazing creative different styles she has). And I found it truly satisfying and relaxing to play with. So when my boss wasn’t looking, I started making my own slime. First, I started small - a little basic butter slime, a small clear glue glitter slime. Then, I started hitting the hard stuff - I got into the pigments and micas and the holographic glitters, and the scents -- oh the scents... Now, I’m hopelessly addicted. And I started pushing it on my friends. Giving them a little taste - then a little more, you know how this works. Now they are addicted too.
So rather than rehab, I decided to make an appropriately “grown up” slime. I call it “putty” because, well, adults won’t buy slime. And because we also don’t really like the gooey sticky ones the kids do. So this new slime, Peace PUTTY, is more like putty. The consistency is purposely firmer. It is smoother and, most importantly, it is now infused with all kinds of amazing adult things like essential oils, and herbs and organic botanicals and butters. The intoxicating aromas and textures also have a purpose. They are all specifically designed to address a therapeutic need. With ingredients like pure lavender and chamomile oils to promote calm and fight depression, or cayenne and turmeric to fight inflamation, and coco butter and collagen to soothe and smooth your skin, the putties are all amazing for aroma and physical therapy.
And they are fun! They are incredible grown up fidget toys, and can be used in all kinds of creative ways. The “Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle” putty, for instance, is made with arthritis sufferers in mind. It is infused with inflamation fighters like menthol, camphor, cayenne, turmeric, peppermint and more. So playing with this putty will not only give your joints a soft physical therapy workout, but the oils and herbs will work to fight the pain and swelling in your joints. And, each putty has a corresponding essential oil refresher bottle and balm that go with it. You can use these separately or to re-infuse your putty as you play with it. If you want to get a little crazy, you can try warming the putty (on a microwave safe plate) in the microwave for 20-30 seconds. This enhances the smells and can be a kind of gooey diffuser. Or get really crazy and smear the warm putty over your knuckles and hands, like you would a paraffin wax treatment, to allow the oils to seep into your skin and warm your sore joints. This feels amazing but warning -- it’s pretty messy so be prepared for that. Or, put the heated putty in a plastic bag and wrap it in a towel for a great smelling heating pad. Once the putty cools it goes back to being a great ball of fidget fun. Conversely, we suggest you store your putty in the fridge to lengthen it’s life and preserve the essential oils in it, but taken from the fridge its is also an incredible cool soothing wrap too!
No matter how you use it, you can now stop swiping your kids’ slime and sneaking off to play with it. Now you can hold your head high, (and your hands above the table) and squish squish squish knowing you are doing wonderful grown up good for your mind and body.
Kim Alfano,
Peace Putty

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Last updated on Jul 6, 2018
Frequently asked questions
Care instructions

It is best to store your putty in a cool dark place, It will melt in direct sunlight. If this occurs place your putty in the fridge for an hour or so & it should regain it's consistency. You can store your putty for long periods in the fridge to retain it's freshness. Before use, however, it's best to let it warm to room temperature.

If your putty becomes too hard or stiff, add in a bit of the essential oils provided, or a small drop or two of any essential or carrier oil, lotion or butter and work it in. If it's still very tough, try heating in the microwave for :10-20 seconds and add in the lotions or oils while warm.

If your putty is extremely loose you can add a pinch of baking soda and either contact solution or liquid starch.


Your Peace Putty has been lovingly hand crafted, so each batch is unique and may differ slightly from the pictures. All our putties are made from a base of clear or white school glue, baking soda, contact solution or liquid starch and are colored by pigment mica or food grade colorings. We then add various organic lotions, balms and botanicals, carrier oils and essential oils. Please ask us about 100% Vegan options.

Creative Uses for Aroma & Physical Therapy Peace Putty

Your peace putty is perfect for lovely smelling fidgeting, but it can do much more -- Be creative! You can warm your putty in a microwave-safe dish and use it as a warm diffuser, or like you would a paraffin wax dip by smearing it over your hands or joint for amazing pain and stress relief. (Warning: this is messy but awesome!) (Warning 2 -- it's HOT! Be careful.) You can also use a microwave-safe bag or pouch to warm or freeze the putty and use it for an incredible smelling heating or cooling pad. This works particularly well with putties like the Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle, and Red Planet which are already formulated for pain relief.

Wholesale availability

We have had great success selling our products wholesale to schools, shops and subscription clubs. We would love to work with you to purchase quantities of our awesome hand crafted products. We can also make bulk order specifically for parties, or events and can customize our labeling to reflect your cause or event.