Peacewolly is taking a short break.

I am changing from HipKittyDesigns to Peacewooly and am in the process of rebuilding the store and completely changing everything from my products (although patterns will still be available) to my look. I should be back online March 15 or sooner. Thank you for you patience and patronage. Jodie

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Peacewolly's Shop Announcement

I have adult ADHD. What does that really mean? Imagine being on a kayak in the wilds of Montana in spring when the creeks are running full and fast of snow melting and rushing down from the high mountain peaks! Whitewater crashing off the rocks and the canyon walls. Eddies swirl and undercurrents trying to pull you under or into those rocks. The breathtaking landscape is a blur as you are ride the water at full speed. See, think, react with lightning speed and picking your path through the treacherous water. The slightest mistake can mean disaster. Whatever you do don't lose your boat!
Living with adult ADHD is kind of like that for me. An adventure and constant battle for control of my thoughts and ideas. I have a constant stream of music and creative ideas running through my head at full flood. Waking up at 3 AM with a new design that I can hardly wait to try out. Imagining who might wear the clothes I design or what kind of home my art might fit into. I no sooner think of one idea and another comes crashing through the waves and if I am not in control of my kayak I am off on something else! It's a constant adventure of creativity that never, ever ends. The trick is making it slow down enough to do what I imagine and that is where discipline comes in. Finishing my current project professionally and well before going onto the next project. Choosing which idea gets to be next on the waterway. What will wait or what is ready to create. Then acceptance that my ideas will change and grow as I work on them and the original idea was just a starting place. Once I start work I can drown in it and not come up for air until it is completed. I can eat, drink and sleep that one project until it is done. It takes tremendous will power to put it down and live the rest of my life. So the kayak is in balance and I don't loose sight of the people and events that are important to leading a full life. I am learning to use this strange condition of the mind and harness it. Wish me luck and keep following along on the adventure!