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Unique woodland gifts and jewellery, perfect gifts for animal lovers and nature enthusiasts this Christmas! Each piece is handmade in the UK!
Accepts Paypal, Google Wallet, Apple Pay, Etsy gift cards and credit/debit payments.

*** CHRISTMAS 2015 ***
UK - Last purchase date (for pre-mades): Saturday 19th December
UK - Last purchase date: Tuesday 15th December
Europe - Last advised purchase date: 5th December
United States - Last advised purchase date: 5th December
Rest of the World - Last advised purchase date: 1st December

- Purchases outside of the UK that take place after these dates will be fulfilled as quickly as possible to ensure they leave with the next post-run, but purchases made after these dates cannot be guaranteed to arrive in time for Christmas due to the massive delays that can take place and are out of my control.
- Purchases within the UK made after these dates may also not arrive, however a faster delivery option is available. All products are shipped using standard 1st class, but next day delivery is available - please be advised, however, that 'next day delivery' in this case applies to the next working day after the item has been shipped, not the next day after an order has been placed. All products are made to order and can take 3 days to complete in the colder months due to drying times.
The only exception to this are purchases placed between Wednesday the 16th and Saturday the 19th, as the only products that will be stocked on the online shop are those that are premade and are ready to be shipped. As a result, these can be shipped on the next post-run even if that's the next day.

Please note that I cannot be held to blame for losses or delays. Tracking is not supplied as standard anywhere - tracking is a fixed part of certain services, not an added extra, and buyers must select this alternative shipping option at checkout. Tracked shipping overseas is no faster than untracked, despite the large price difference which is also out of my control.

The processing times on each listing have been adjusted in accordance to the anticipated Christmas rush - but please note that, should I receive an unexpected rush of orders, some orders may not be shipped until just after the stated processing times, likely by about 2 days.
If there is likely to be a delay on your order, I will be in touch.

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I am happy to make custom animals in jars, be they of pets or animals that are not otherwise available. Feel free to contact me! But please be aware that prices for custom animal jars are between £25 and £35 depending on the work involved. Typically, a custom jar of your pet dog will be about £25, while a monkey, because of its shape, would be about £35.

I am really happy to offer my stock for wholesale purposes worldwide. Just drop me a line if you're interested, whether it's just for 6 units of a single item, or 100!
Please read my policies first, however, to get an idea of pricing discounts.

--- INFO ---
All of my products are original, and not copies of any existing piece. Each design is copyrighted and are not to be reproduced. If you ever see my designs being used on another website or shop, please notify the website, and myself immediately. Copying will not be tolerated.


This year, Royal Mail has gone from a public company to a private company. As a result, they may handle Christmas parcels and letters differently. Whether they will take a little longer than usual or a little less than usual, I can't say. As a result, I urge everyone to please purchase no later than the dates shown above. Orders placed afterwards will be processed as quickly as possible in order to have them in your hands before Christmas, but please also realise that with Christmas comes an increase in sales, and an increase in sales is an increase in work. I've adjusted all processing times on listings accordingly, but there may be unforseen delays. I assure you, however, that I will work as fast as I can while maintaining quality on each piece, and post products out as soon as possible, as well.

Tracking is not included on parcels as it is not an added extra like it is in a few other countries. Instead, tracking is a fixed part of other services. If you'd like tracking, please select it from the shipping options in your basket.

This shop accepts Etsy Gift Cards.