PeanutButterPie's Shop Announcement

We are busy busy making new things for your perusing pleasure. We are adding new items, including some very exciting Halloween items that will be perfected in no time! When we have everything done just the way we want it we'll add them to the shop. Please check back often to see what's in store!.

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After nine long months of aches and pains and "could someone help me put on these socks?" and nearly another nine months of feeding, diaper changes, naps, feeding, diaper changes, napping, feeding, teething, diaper changes and napping.... (I think you get the idea) the newest member of our family has settled in and is here to stay!

In the fine tradition of nicknaming our offspring with super sweetness she's been dubbed the Jelly Bean. Our Peanut Butter Pie has been super duper in her role as the big sister and the Jelly Bean worships her sister even more than she loves her Mama and Daddy; we're not jealous at all; really. We couldn't be happier!

While the Jelly Bean still takes up a lot of my time with eating and diaper changes and did I mention that she eats? A lot? She also likes to get into everything and I do mean everything. I'm back at it (in a limited capacity but with plenty of help).

Our sun catcher/ ornaments are lovingly collaborated by the husband and I; they make wonderful accents to wedding, celebration and holiday decor,a little extra sparkle on gifts they can even be tied onto a bouquet of flowers for a lasting gift or reminder of special occasion. If you are interested in any items here in the shop please feel free to convo with questions or purchase at will.

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