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A Poster a Day keeps the Doctor Away

I opened my Poster’s Etsy shop because I wanted to fully explore my graphic design multiple “languages” and find different ways to express my artistic views.

I currently live in Lisbon, and it’s in this beautiful city that I also work. It’s a lovely, sunny and bright place to live in and it’s easy to be inspired by it ☺ I guess my workspace can be described as ‘cozy’ (not to say packed with a lot of materials and stuff, which tends to drive my boyfriend crazy with the amount of space that I need).

I take care of my Etsy shop all by myself, sometimes I get a helping hand from my boyfriend because he’s a copywriter and it’s great to have a creative team inside your house. I also go to the Post Office almost everyday to make sure that every order reaches its destiny as fast as I can, considering that sometimes it has to travel all around the world.

My brand is my signature as a person and it mirrors the story of my life, representing who I am as an artist. It often translates my tastes in several areas, such as movies, music, life and even nature and that’s a fact I’m proud of.

I also take proud on being very attentive to my customers or anyone who asks me questions, has any doubts whatsoever about my products/services. The main thing is - I treat people just the way I like to be treated: with respect, care and a smile ☺
Patricia Salazar Pino
owner, maker, designer, curator, Photographer, Researcher, Observer, Shipping,
"A Poster a day keeps the doctor away!" this claim might sound silly but is one of my Poster design principles. Because when I create a poster I never know where it will end up in the world. And I like it just like that!
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