Peccatus' Shop Announcement

“Desire followed the glance, pleasure followed desire”
In Venus In Furs, by Leopold von Sacher-Masoch

That’s what Peccatus is all about - every single garment is conceived and designed aspiring to serve beauty, desire, pleasure.
Peccatus dares you to explore your every fantasy. Whether in search for femininity and/or empowerment, dominance or submission, every creation aims to materialize your alter-ego’s ultimate expression, to bring to life that wonderful persona lying within – a dark fairy tale’s queen, a glamorous powerful countess, an unforgiving mistress or a subservient deity…!

Peccatus workshop is based in London, in the world famous Camden Lock – the studio is also a showroom with a certain boudoir/lounge twist to it, overlooking the boats in the canal. You can visit the showroom by appointment to look through the present collections, have a personal fitting and/or have items made to order and for special commissions, and perhaps even be invited for a cup of tea or a drink while you do so.