Bikes, craft brews and quality design. Pedal Happy strives to combine the three.

Pedal Happy Design came about after projects and items that I'd make for myself or friends started to gather steam. Almost all my products start from a personal need where I can't find what I'm looking for or I'm not satisfied with what is available on the market. I very much enjoy creating and using my hands, this turns into making items for myself. Often times my friends start to ask for items I've made for myself. Once I found out about Etsy I decided to reach out and make these items available to more people.

I work a little with metal and mostly in leather. I like stainless steel because you can leave the finished product in it's natural state and not have to cover the metal to protect it. I got started with leather and fell in love with the aesthetic, feel and texture of it. It lends itself so well to the projects I look to work on and is very versatile and with all the available techniques can be customized which allows for personal touches and variations to most projects.
owner, maker, designer
I very much like riding bikes, from mountain bikes, road bikes and most recently touring bike.
I also enjoy and like to support local craft brews.
I'm formally educated in architecture and have always had a great appreciation for quality design.

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