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eek.... I am currently swamped with orders (but very thankful to all my wonderful customers ! :)

For WEDDING orders....I am currently accepting orders for September weddings and on. I am currently booked for July & August and unfortunately can not squeeze anymore into my production calendar before then.

For non-wedding orders (i.e. ... custom families, playsets, etc) my turnaround time is about 6 weeks! Sorry for the long wait but I am a one women business/full time mom/cleaning lady/wife :) .... BUT I paint every night, after my little minions have been tucked in, and put a lot love and attention into each order..... and PROMISE to get all of my orders out as soon as I possible can! Thank you SO much for supporting my little business and for all of your patients!

All current orders are completed based on wedding date. I always try and get every order out ASAP and work on orders 8-12 hours a day but depending on your wedding date, orders can ship out 4-12 weeks after they are placed. But I promise all orders will arrive in time for your BIG DAY. I put a lot of time and love into each order I create and thank you for your support & patients!!!!!

*** Current non-wedding turn around times***
Non-custom items 6 weeks
Custom items 5-6 weeks
DIY items 1-3 days

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