PeggysBibs' Shop Announcement

Peggy's Bibs LLC is a home-based business founded by me to help meet a pledge I made to help our Church.

Our Church was starting a time to build project and we were asked to make a pledge to support the upcoming renovations to the church. He mentioned it had to be a step of faith. My husband and I pledged the largest amount we ever have pledged and trusted God would provide. During the next sermon the pastor asked us to pray that God would give us an idea to help meet our pledge. That point stayed in my mind and I prayed God would give me an idea. My gift is working with my hands and I love ot sew. Standing at the ironing board one night the bib idea was birthed. I continued to work on it; until I felt I had a good product. I never intended to have to patent the idea and work so hard to get it started. I must say, God provided the people, resources, talents of others and I am amazed by his grace.

The first thing I will do with money from the bib sales will go to pay off the pledge and help give single mom's extra income to take care of their families. I have a single mom that cut the fabric for us and it helps to make ends meet for her. I was a single mom for 7 years and it's hard to make ends meet. Just something as little as the increased price of gas, hurts their household. I want this product to stay here in the USA. I feel to many jobs have gone overseas not leaving many jobs here. America can still make a good product.

Our bibs are made in the USA with a combination of Imperial Broadcloth, cotton and waterproof fabrics, consists of a solid-colored base (available in nine colors) and a coordinating mate (available in a variety of patterns), joined together with Velcro.

Customers can change the look of a bib by purchasing additional mates, which can be personalized with initials, names or sayings. When one mate gets dirty, simply detach it from the bib’s base, throw it in the wash and attach another mate to create a brand new look!

Thank you, for helping me help my church and single moms.

God Bless you,


*UpDate: Thank the Lord, glory to God we paid our pledge off a couple of months ago.
Thank you!

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