PenelopesPeapod's Shop Announcement

Is A Mom & Pop Shop specializing in carefully curated, creatively constructed, and cleverly crafted art, vintage, and handmade items; featuring Papa Pea Pod on paintings, wood working, tattoos, keytar, popping and locking, heavy-lifting & prompt mailing; and Mama Pod on pickin', making pretties,alliteration & run-on sentences, protecting home & hearth with needle & thread, playing with felt, fabric,paper, and/or mud, and doing very loud Broadway renditions of all of your least favorite pop songs.

In our spare time, we like to argue about who is the funniest, play Scrabble, go outside, read, collect Pyrex, obsess about all things Mid-century, make babies and things, and eat food and say stuff and sleep. And stuff. And some other things.

We hope to show you -and to sell you- something that you love, and that lasts (as long as something of its sort can last). Thank you for your time, and -hopefully- a little of your money, and a couple of smiles, too.