Perchance2Knit's Shop Announcement

...eaten every waking minute of my time. Please accept my apologies for neglecting my shop. I've been an Etsy indie dyer/yarn seller for almost 10 years, and I appreciate every one who has browsed, favorite or purchased handcrafted yarns and handdyed fibers from this shop. When I get the chance to look around on Ravelry I still see handknit/handspun items from Perchance2Knit wares and my heart is SO happy!

Changes in my life (single at 61 after 27 years of marriage) have necessitated that I prepare myself for another change in life. I am currently working on an accelerated program to obtain my master's in special education with initial certification to teach. This is harder than I ever could have imagined and requires so much of my time that after work and sleep I seldom get a moment to knit or spin. This program will not take forever, but it will be another year before I can dye on a regular basis.

Please hang in there with me. I come by every couple of weeks and when I look at the activity I am grateful that I'm not completely forgotten. I do have several dozen skeins of handspun yarn that I will post as soon as I get an opportunity, but lack of time (and present living accommodations) prevent me from dyeing for now. I've had requests for Midnight Rainbow/Harlot's Peacock Merino/silk laceweight yarn and Rainbow Black sock yarn, so as soon as I can afford to order base yarns and find the time (and someplace to dye them), these will be first.

Meantime, thank you all for dropping by! Fiber-y love and my appreciation to all...