PerpetuaLifeJewels' Shop Announcement

The Perpetua Life Jewels are custom-made from the actual DNA of a beloved pet or person. The colored Double Helix inside each Life Jewel is color-enhanced DNA, supported by a wire helix and preserved in an elegant pendant or bracelet. Order by choosing a design. A sample collection kit will be mailed within 1 business day. When you submit your sample you will also specify the DNA color and cord choices for the New Horizon necklace, Omega necklace, and Life Jewel bracelet. DNA is purified from cheekswabs, hair, fur, or in the case of pets, a small blood sample. Cremated ashes can be incorporated with a DNA sample from yourself if your loved one has passed. Life Jewels are hand-made in Davis, California by Zoogen Services, the most trusted name in DNA products and services for companion animals. Invented by Joy Halverson, DVM in honor of her "forever dog" Dustin, a Life Jewel is one of the most meaningful items of jewelry you will ever own.