PersonalizedCandles' Shop Announcement

I specialize in offering the very best in stylish, personalized candles, hand crafted for all your special occasions. My candles will add a special touch to your day, admired by all. I incorporate your personally designed image within the candle wax, unlike others I do not use stickers or wraps that go around the candle. I use a process that incorporates the image within the candle. Your design will not rub off and the color will never fade.

When making your purchase please keep in mind production time can take upto 10-14 business days, production time starts after we have completed the design/proofing process so please allow for this time so the candles can arrive in time for your event. It is also important that you read and completely understand my shop policies.

PersonalizedCandles' Shop Policies


I personalize your candle(s) the way you want. You have your choice of candle color (white or ivory), embilishments and color of finishing ribbon. I work very closely with you during the designing process (also known as the proofing process) to ensure you get the exact design you want.

Sorry but I am not able to match exact colors. Colors vary from product to product so my colors and color shades may not match colors from other products you have purchased. Also the actual color on sample photos and proofs may not be the same color that shows on your computer. Different computer monitors have different colors and color shades. Gold and silver coloring are tones only.


1. I accept payment through PayPal only. Payment is required before I will start the design/proofing process.
2. I will be happy to cancel an order and issue a full refund if I have not started the design/proofing process.
3. If I have already provided you with a proof and you wish to cancel your order I will issue a refund minis $10.00 for my time.
4. Once I have started making your product a refund is not available.


1. Your candles will be shipped buy USPS Priority Mail within 10-14 business days on completion of the proofing process (not to include weekends or holidays).
2. Shipping insurance/handling fees are included in the shipping cost.
3. Allow enough time for delivery of your purchase if there should be delay in delivery by the Post Office.
4. Candles are shipped to the address provided on your PayPal payment. Please make sure the address is correct. If the package is undeliverable for any reason and is returned to me, you will be responsible for shipping charges and PayPal fees to resend your package. Please note that if you have recently moved and filed a forward request with the Post Office there is a possibility that your package may not be forwarded to you, it is at the discretion of the Post Office.
5. All packages are insured thru the Post Office. Please note that insurance only covers damages to package contents and lost packages that have not be scanned delivered, insurance does not cover a package that has been marked delivered and you do not have the package.
The Post Office considers this to be a stolen package and you would need to contact your local police department.
6. To protect yourself from missing delivered packages I have offered in all my listings the option to upgrade the shipping to include "hold for pickup/signature required" It is my suggestion and in your best interest to purchase this upgrade. If you choose not to purchase the upgrade you are acknowledging that you understand the risk and understand this is a situation that is out of my control and I am not liable.

International Customers:
1. International customers are responsible for custom and duty fees. I am not able to tell what your country will charge for these, you will have to contact your local customs office.
2. All packages are insured. Please note that the Post Office will only accept insurance claims from the destination Postal Service that was filed by the receiver of the package. If you should receive a damaged item or have a lost package that has not been scanned as delivered you will have to file the insurance claim yourself.
3. Because you will be filing the insurance claim and will receive the reimbursement directly, you will have to re-purchase your item in order to have it replaced.

Refunds and Exchanges

1. This is a personalized item, there is no refund.
2. If there is a mistake on my part I will issue a refund or replace your item.
3. If your candle is damaged or loss during shipping I will issue a refund or replace your item.
4. Please make sure you look your design proof over very well as that is exactly what will be printed on your candle
5. By giving me your approval, you acknowledged you have looked the proof over and everything is correct and if an error should be found later you will not hold me responsible.
6. If an error has been found on your candle and it is different from your approved proof I will take full responsibility for the error and either issue you a refund or replace your item.

Additional Policies and FAQs

Rush Orders:
1. I am happy to accept rush orders if I feel I am capable of completing the order, you must contact me before placing your order. If you place an order without contacting me first, your order will be cancelled.
2. I will ship your order by USPS priority mail 2-3 business day service at no additional charge, if you require the item sooner, express shipping fees will apply.
3. Please be advised that there is always a possibility that USPS will make an error and your package may take longer then 3 days to arrive. By making a purchase you are fully aware of the risk and will not hold me liable for any errors on the part of USPS.

***What is the risk of me not getting my package on time? I have been making candles for 6 years and have sent 100's of rush orders. I have had 1 package not arrive on time***

Color Matching:
Sorry but I cannot guarantee exact color matching. However, I will get coloring as close as possible. Colors vary from product to product so my colors and color shades may not match colors from other products you have purchased. Also the actual color seen on sample photos and proofs may not be the same color that shows on your computer. Different computer monitors have different colors and color shades. Gold and silver colors are tones only.

I reserve the right to photo my work and post for examples only.

Proof Disclaimer:
I produce a design proof for you per your specifications and instructions as I understand them. While I will bring to your attention any errors or concerns that I may notice, please help avoid mistakes on your final product by carefully proof reading the entire proof I have provided you. YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR APPROVAL OF THE PROOF(S), PROOF READING, ERRORS AND YOU UNDERSTAND WHAT YOU ARE VIEWING ON THE PROOF IN ITS ENTIRETY (TOP TO BOTTOM) WILL BE PRINTED ON YOUR FINAL PRODUCT.

Last Updated September 5, 2014