PetCollage's Shop Announcement

PET & ANIMAL ART, PET PORTRAITS, PORTRAITS FROM PHOTOS. It's easy to put a pet in a picture. Just mail me photos and I'll make you a unique handmade collage.

A unique gift for animal lovers, MY COLLAGES CAN BE PURCHASED AS IS OR CUSTOMIZED TO INCLUDE AN IMAGE OF AN ACTUAL PET OR A SPECIFIC BREED, with details added to celebrate an animal's special qualities.

Check out my "good karma collection" with Buddhas, pet totems and mandalas, and Chinese fortunes designed to bring good luck. Choose your own fortune and I'll put it in the picture, whether a wish for prosperity, longevity (9 lives maybe?), whatever.

ALL PHOTOGRAPHIC ELEMENTS IN MY WORK ARE HANDCUT AND PASTED. I incorporate photographs with found objects, specialty papers, feathers, fabric, silk flowers, beads, gemstones and the like.

See my shop policies for details on custom ordering, shipping, etc.


Member of Etsy for Animals (EFA): Artists Helping Animals ( I donate 10% of sales to The Red Door Shelter in Chicago.

All copyright and reproduction rights are retained by the artist. Artwork may not be reproduced by any process without the express written permission of the artist.