PetiteMortShop's Shop Announcement

Δ welcome to PetiteMortShop Δ one of a kind artisan jewelry handmade with love Δ receive sales & news updates here ------^
>> raw gemstones > handpicked feathers > wild hearts > sculptured rivers > sterling silver chains > goldfilled chains > beads> soldered silver parts & castings <<

>> all the OOAK jewelry in PetiteMortShop is handmade in a precious delicate work creating unique pieces that organically form to compliment untreated gemstones or natural growing shapes. this is why no piece of jewelry is ever quite like the next. it is always a marvel to behold when a necklace forms out of a piece of stone <<

>> PETITE MORT is the moment of pure ecstasy & transcendence one experiences in front of a piece of great art << in french it is an idiom of an orgasm >> with my work I try to accentuate the esthetics of nature, using materials from the earth. there's always a small death in the act of taking something from the earth, & then the pure joy of recreating it into a new & beautiful object Δ