PiedCrow's Shop Announcement

Pied Crow Press is on indefinite hiatus (lots of things keeping me busy)! Thanks Etsy customers for being so great in the past. I hope to see you sometime again in the future.


Welcome to Pied Crow Press! Here you will find quality handbound journals and books. These are handmade in the barest sense of the word - no machinery, nothing other than hand tools are used in the construction of these journals. Each piece is totally unique and has its own emotions and story bound up between the pages. My tastes are too schizophrenic to settle on just one thing, so check back often, as you'll always find something new here. I do custom pieces as well, so please feel free to send me a convo if you would like something made to order.

Our sister shop is Eventual Invention, found at You will find lots of stone and seed pod jewelry there, plus a few orphan journals. :) Please stop by!