Pigmentlady's Shop Announcement

Hi fan of TKB's Etsy Site (Pigment Lady)

This is to let you know we are running another grab bag sale and will be posting several items at Noon PST, today (Friday the 11th).

These particular grab bags, and there are 28 to choose from, were assembled and priced by Corey. Each bag is approximately the same size (about the size of a small travel pillow) and contains and variety of things from my "formulating area". New, unused items that have been discontinued or just separated from their pack, lots of colors and nail polish in bottles that were lightly used as we tested and tried things out, and an array of random tools that you might find in a crafter's workshop.

I have not been allowed to look at what is in the bags because we are staging a Clutter Intervention and we know that I would be tempted to pull things back.

For this reason I'm not sure if the prices she set are a steal, a deal or a ripoff. I gave her general instructions to make the prices mouth watering, and I hope she did that without making me want to cry into my empty bank account.

Also, the descriptions of the grab bags are as good as she could get them. I told her to be clear about what was new, used or gently used, but there may be instances where she gets that wrong. Also, sometimes she ran into something that she thought was for one use and it turned out it was for another (example: I had a bud grinder which she thought I used to grind marijuana, however I don't use drugs and I had to explain to her that I had used it to test the theory that one could grind loose powders for cosmetics using a bud grinder). Hilarity ensured and I have a feeling the bud grinder did not make it into the grab bags.

Long story short: Please buy carefully, being aware that these things will go fast, and let me know if you end up being disgruntled.


We are out of stock of the Glamour Base nail polish until approx. 4/15/2014.