PinkDragonflyCrafts' Shop Announcement

Use your holiday gift cards here! I accept Etsy Gift Cards (to any of you out there who were lucky enough to get one). :)

Hello and welcome to Pink Dragonfly Crafts on etsy. This little shop is my home away from home, please take a moment to get comfortable and have a look around.

All of the items here are handcrafted by myself. I even designed my own packaging, logo, and shop banner.

Pink Dragonfly Crafts has come to reflect my restless nature. My shop has no central theme outside of handcrafted by myself. I make what I feel like and what I am passionate about. If inspiration hits me, I don't hold out an making an item because it doesn't "fit" in my shop, I just go with it. People like choices, so I will provide them. :)

Right now I have been working primarily in polymer clay. I have a notebook filled with sketches and design ideas, and am slowly working through them. When I am not working with clay, I return to folding origami or simple sewing projects. I will try and space my projects out to provide a wide range of handcrafted goodies for all who stop by my shop.

For the sake of transparency, I would like to mention that I had a second shop for a short while (, but could not fill it adequately so have since shut it down and moved my inventory to this shop. It was my thumbtack shop, and as my inventory grows I may decide to open it up again.

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This shop accepts Etsy Gift Cards.