PinkFlamingoArts' Shop Announcement

Hand Crafted, Hand Painted Clay/Ceramics Pieces.

I just want you to buy my pottery so I can make more! ha ha

I love working with clay, and the ability to take a block of wet clay and process through the design process to create a beautiful finished piece. I get designs in my head and can't wait to experiment with them, but filling orders can prevent that from happening in a timely manner, so, I end up with a large stash of 'in process' ideas.

As far as our custom work, we can personalize just about any project to your theme. We love to provide any unique item that you help us design. I work out of my home, so my kitties and my cockatoos keep me company as I create funky projects. Each ceramic item I offer is hand made in my home studio. The earthenware clay is slabbed out, cut, dried, cleaned and fired to 04, or higher (Cone 5 or 6) if it will be utilized outside. This is a finished bisque (ceramic) item and can be painted with underglaze or glaze and fired. You could also use acrylics on these items as well.

I love living in Florida, where I can take a mini vacation for the afternoon and sit at the beach to regroup my thoughts and recharge my energy. I have a scooter that I dash around on as often as the weather allows. My neighbors often stop by and chat as they walk their dogs, and more often than not, I have slabbed pieces drying out on the deck before the afternoon showers that show up every afternoon during the summer.

I rarely use any employees, but if I do, they help slab out clay, clean greenware and rarely, they help paint/glaze the item. I tend to hire single moms that can work during the day and are happy to work with the clay. All designs are original and flexible to your needs.

We can often be spotted at local Festivals, Art Walks and Events. Our Fairy Doors are always fun and because of the instant sales, we can offer a huge assortment of designs. If you are in the Jacksonville, FL area, contact me to book us at your event!

I am grateful that Etsy has allowed me the ability to enjoy my passion for clay work and be able to work on new designs as I also enjoy a flexible schedule.


This shop accepts Etsy Gift Cards.