PinkSerissa's Shop Announcement

Pink Serissa is gardening for the busy urbanite.

Here you'll find Marimo Japanese Moss Ball Aquariums, Moss Terrariums with little people, and air plants in hanging glass orbs.

Decorate your home with plants, but without the work that is usually required by thirsty houseplants. Surround yourself in the warmth of nature while adding a sculptural element to your home, even if you live in a city apartment where space is at a premium.

Discover airplants, aka Tillandsia, plants that thrive without soil. Airplants receive moisture and nutrients through their leaves, leaving you with no soil, no mess......and no sad collection of dead plants. Perfect hanging, sitting, in a group, or solo.

Or introduce a water feature to your home, a miniature aquarium with Marimo, an underwater plant that requires minimal attention. No filtration nor artificial light required. A bowl with tap water will suffice.

Finally, travel in time into mid 19th century London when Nathaniel Ward, a surgeon, more or less accidentally invented the terrarium. Terrariums with their Old World charm and splendor are completely self sufficient ecosystems where no or minimal intervention is required. If closed, they can go for weeks, even months without watering. Not only do they nurture your plants, they are also sophisticated and powerful design elements that add elegance and beauty to your home's decor.

Have fun looking around my shop. I hope you will enjoy and be inspired!

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