Weddings, Greetings, & Correspondence: Custom Designed

P.S. When an artist becomes a stationer...

This story has humble beginnings in a little girl's love of paper, drawing, and correspondence. One young birthday, her parent's present to her consisted of a shopping spree trip to the office and art supply store. What excitement and marvelous fun it created!
Jump to the middle school and high school years, and watch as countless notes are written to friends and family and carefully illustrated with little scribbles.

Fast forward a number of years, after formal schooling in art history and drawing and painting, and the girl, now a young woman, longs to create things that are simplified, distilled.

After a trip to the seashore, she returns with a collection of seashells and a set of pinwheels. She begins preparatory drawings for a painting involving one of these wonders.
Before she realizes, the pinwheel prep drawing has a life of its own! With close attention, the drawing has become an idea for a print, and with the thoughts of moving into print form, the questions:
Why not combine the loves of artful creation and connecting with others through the written word? Why not print stationery?

With its pinwheel emblem as reminiscent of simple joys and childhood wonder, a stationery studio was born. Since its pinwheel drawing beginnings in 2010, Pinwheel Studio has expanded from simplified stationery to also include casual wedding correspondence, joyful greetings, and custom design work. It has provided the opportunity for Whitney to work with others including brides, moms, and professionals who are looking for distilled design created individually for their needs.
As for the rest of the story?
Stay tuned...

P.S. Shop and work process photos coming soon!
owner, maker, designer
Formally trained in studio art and art history, and being a curious and keen observer of the world around her, Whitney enjoys sharing distilled designs and drawings in P. S. cards as well as custom designing paper goods for her customer's needs.

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