For the love of home . . .

I love everything that the word "home" conjures. A continent, a country, a town, a dwelling. Sitting in your favorite chair reading a book, the sound of your kids playing, the house you grew up in. When people think of home often strong emotion is evoked. I believe home should be a place where one can fully express themselves, find warmth, love, freedom, inspiration and comfort. So with all that, creating items that encompasses these same feelings for the home is natural for me. I love design and the home is a great place to find inspiration for this. My home is such a personal reflection of who I am; it serves many purposes: mother, designer, crafter, friend, interior designer wannabe, cook, and snuggler. I am also sentimental by nature so adding this element into my work was also something that came easily for me.

I started my shop plumed really as a way to support my own home, my own dreams, myself and my children. I was inspired by a love that I saw from people, myself included, who have a deep connection for where they come from. Whether it was Australia, Louisiana, or my home state of Oregon. From that my first pillow was created, the "I love louisiana" pillow.

My second sale was within 2 days of opening and it was for that Louisiana pillow; it was sold to an HGTV designer to be placed in a design for one of their shows. This certainly gave me the validation that I was making the right choice to follow this little vision I had one evening. So I tossed out any doubt and just kept going. At which time I learned all those "feel good" clichés are totally true! Because I am still here and have a business and customers I truly love! Though Plumed's designs have evolved and changed since the beginning I am motivated and moved by the same things that set me on this course: the love of home, the love of creativity and the love of design.
Christine Dinsmore
owner, maker, designer, curator
Plumed uses 2 manufacturers.


  • Digital Printer North Carolina, United States All designs are created solely by Plumed, though we have our textile designs digitally printed by a fabulous printer based in the USA.
  • Printer Portland, OR, United States For our prints we use a local printer and printing press shop located in Portland, Oregon. Our printers is a family owned and operated business that has been open for over 20 years.

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